Direct to Consumer Shipping

Distilled Spirits & Direct to Consumer

Can I buy my favorite distilled spirits online and conveniently ship them directly to me?

In most places in the United States, the answer is NO.


Currently, consumers are prohibited from buying spirits and shipping them to “direct to consumer” due to the three-tier system, established after the end of Prohibition. The three-tier system is incredibly important for the distilled spirits industry as a whole, as manufacturers provide alcoholic products to wholesalers, who distribute the products to retailers, who sell to the consumers.

However, the world has evolved digitally. Adult, responsible consumers like you want to be able to easily buy your favorite spirits online and have them conveniently shipped directly to you.

Spirits United is fully supportive of the three-tier system co-existing with direct to consumer shipping. This is already exemplified by the wine industry which is allowed to ship directly to consumer in 47 states.

Loyal spirits consumers of legal drinking age should be allowed the same customer convenience with direct to consumer shipping of their favorite spirits.

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