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The Spirits United community is a passionate and dedicated group made up of spirits consumers, partners, and producers who all believe that everyone should have the freedom to enjoy spirits when they want, where they want and how they want.

Sign up below, and you'll be able to take immediate action in support of expanding ready-to-drink cocktails beyond Pennsylvania's state-owned liquor stores to grocery and convenience stores that can already sell beer.

At the heart of our industry? You, the consumer.

The spirits industry is an industry that is rich in American heritage and history, and full of people who love celebrating life, making connections, and toasting to cherished memories and good times. The consumers are the engine that makes our community go, and we’re always looking to grow our family. If you’re wondering if there’s a place for you in our community, the answer is a resounding YES. By joining our Spirits United community, you can help us educate lawmakers on the importance of ensuring consumers have the freedom to enjoy spirits however they wish. Doing this helps not only the economic vitality of our industry directly, but also helps many other industries as well, such as the tourism, hospitality, and culinary industries.

Join Spirits United to become a part of a vibrant community that works to ensure everyone understands the importance of freedom when it comes to enjoying spirits, whether on your own or with friends & loved ones. Help us make a difference for our industry and economy today.

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