Why Join?

Spirits consumers, partners, and producers are all an incredibly important part of the Spirits United community. Together, we are united in celebrating an industry rich in American heritage and history. Our first president, George Washington, owned and operated one of the largest distilleries of his time. Since then, the spirits industry has grown to make significant economic contributions to our communities. Our industry includes an enormous footprint of distillers, bartenders, distributors, retailers, as well as bottle & barrel makers, among others. Distillers in all 50 states attract tourists to local communities, such as the American Whiskey Trail. Forty-two states export fine American-made distilled spirits products that are enjoyed around the world. The heart of our industry are consumers of legal age who enjoy spirits to celebrate life, make connections, and toast cherished memories with family and friends.

If you are wondering if this community includes you, then the answer is unequivocally YES. This is your official invitation to join our community through Spirits United. We need your participation to educate lawmakers on how to ensure consumers have the freedom to enjoy spirits, which contributes to the economic vitality of our industry directly, but also the agricultural, tourism, hospitality, and culinary industries, among many others.

Most importantly, our strong commitment to responsibility is the foundation of everything we do as an industry. For those adults who choose to drink, they should do so in moderation and responsibly.

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