Seven-Day Sales

The overwhelming majority of states give adult consumers the option to purchase their favorite distilled spirits any day of the week they choose, however, 6 states (Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Utah) completely prohibit the sale of spirits on Sunday.
That’s right – those state legislatures have banned adult consumers from purchasing distilled spirits seven days a week! It’s time we tell those politicians to #BootTheBan!

Become an advocate for seven-day sales of distilled spirits!

Laws that prohibit the sale of spirits on Sunday are called “blue laws” and are antiquated restrictions intended to limit convenient consumer access to spirits based on old-fashioned ideals. 

The government shouldn’t be in the businesses of telling consumers when they can purchase their favorite products. Our goal is to enable consumers to be able to make their own choices about their purchases and put an end to the outdated ban on seven-day spirits sales.

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