A Community of Advocates

Our Vision

Whether you are one of the 1.4 million professionals in the industry, a mixologist who craft cocktails every day or a loyal spirits consumer, we need your help to ensure a consumer-friendly market and guarantee our industry’s economic growth.

By joining Spirits United, you can make an impact by making your voice heard on key issues facing the distilled spirits industry.
At Spirits United, we believe that when life gives you a chance and a reason to celebrate, you should have the freedom to enjoy spirits responsibly and without inconvenience.
Unfortunately, some of today’s laws are:
  • outdated
  • do not meet the demands of consumers
  • don’t match up with who we are today
Every day, spirits producers and consumers face obstacles from lawmakers on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures. Help us push back on burdensome taxes and outdated sales bans!
We need you and your voice to make this vision a reality.

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