Do you want spirits RTDs in grocery and convenience stores near you?


Ready-to-drink cocktails saw a huge demand from consumers over the past few years with a wide array of options from malt-based hard seltzers, wine-based flavored spritzers or canned/pre-mixed ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails. In fact, this is the fastest growing category in adult beverages.

While this variety has greatly increased consumer choice, consumers of spirits-based RTD products can only purchase these items at specific stores, meaning they simply aren’t widely accessible in Alabama. This inconveniences consumers by forcing them to make a special trip for these products. That’s completely unjustified and unfair.

Not to mention, neighboring states like Florida and Mississippi have already passed legislation allowing their consumers to purchase spirit-based RTD products in grocery and convenience stores. Help grow consumer convenience by asking your legislators to increase the stores selling these products by allowing spirits-based RTDs to be sold alongside their beer and wine counterparts.

Take action NOW by respectfully asking your legislators to support SB 259 which expands the number of stores able to sell ready-to-drink cocktails in Alabama.

Ask your legislators to support ready-to-drink cocktails in Alabama!