Cocktails to-Go

Cocktails to-go saved many businesses during the pandemic AND added increased consumer convenience. Unfortunately, a lot of those measures were temporary. YOU can help us make them permanent though. Take action today to continue your support of our nation’s hospitality industry.

State of Affairs

Across the country, bars, restaurants and distilleries had to close their doors to the public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. While difficult decisions like these were important to ensure citizens are kept safe and healthy, the lasting economic impact has been devastating.  
Permitting bars, restaurants and distilleries to sell cocktails to-go has been an important lifeline for these businesses, allowing them to retain staff and generate critically needed revenue. 
Still, the path to recovery for these hospitality businesses will last long beyond the end of the pandemic, and bars, restaurants and distilleries will continue to need additional revenue channels.
Making consumer-friendly measures like cocktails to-go permanent will help them as they get back on their feet and enable them to stay open and retain employees.
That’s why we need YOU to take action NOW. Please ask your legislators to ACT QUICKLY on legislation that would allow restaurants, bars and distilleries to sell cocktails to-go to customers 21+ permanently.  

Hospitality Businesses need your help NOW!

Our Goals

Our goal is to enable both on-premise and off-premise establishments to provide distilled spirits tastings to consumers so that they can make an informed and personal decision on which spirits they might want to purchase.