California Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Cocktails

Take action NOW by respectfully asking your legislator to support spirits RTDs expansion!

It’s time to allow spirits RTDs in grocery and convenience stores!

Spirits-based RTD cocktails are booming, but in California, grocery and convenience stores need a unique and expensive license in order to carry these products. As a result, in California, beer- and wine-based RTDs are sold in more than 28,000 locations. Meanwhile, spirits RTDs with the same or lower amounts of alcohol are only sold in about 14,000 locations.

This inconveniences consumers, like you, by forcing you to make a special trip for your favorite spirits products. That’s completely unfair!

Why are you prevented from purchasing spirits RTDs in stores where beer-based and wine-based RTDs are sold even though spirits RTDs have similar or lower alcohol content? It just doesn’t make sense.

Allowing spirits RTDs to be sold under the same license used for beer and wine in grocery and convenience stores would:

  • Provide California consumers greater choice and convenience
  • Treat all RTD products with similar alcohol content more fairly
  • Support California distilleries
  • Generate approximately $46 to 60 million in new state tax revenue


TAKE ACTION NOW to ask your legislators to support SB 277, which would correct this disparity by allowing spirits RTDs to be sold under the same license used for beer and wine!