Colorado wants to limit access and increase prices on your favorite spirits products!

Take Action NOW by asking your legislators to oppose bills attacking our industry!


Two bills are moving through the Colorado Legislature that would:

  • Put a FEE on all alcohol products – increasing prices and costing jobs. DYK: In Colorado, 43% of a typical spirits bottle sold goes towards a tax of some kind, and legislators are working to INCREASE that number by adding another fee. This is bad for business and bad for consumers. An increase would result in higher prices for consumers, lost sales for local retailers AND an elimination of Colorado jobs, without reducing the consumption of Colorado’s heaviest drinkers. 

    • And make no mistake, this “fee” acts just like a tax, but because they call it a fee, they get to SKIP getting voter approval. That’s just wrong!

  • ELIMINATE your ability to purchase spirits products in grocery stores PLUS cap the alcohol-by-volume of products sold, which would also remove many wines voters JUST approved to be on those store shelves.

ACT NOW by telling legislators to VOTE NO on SB 181 and HB 1373 !