Boot the Ban, Mississippi!

The overwhelming majority of states give adult consumers the option to purchase their favorite distilled spirits any day of the week they choose, but Mississippi isn’t one of them.
That’s right – the Mississippi Legislature has banned adult consumers from purchasing distilled spirits seven days a week! It’s time we tell politicians in Jackson to #BootTheBan!

Become an advocate for seven-day sales of distilled spirits in Mississippi!

We need the Mississippi Legislature to remove the ban that keeps package stores and local distilleries from selling their products on Sundays, and consumers from being able to make a simple purchase. 
Mississippi is one of only seven states that does not allow liquor stores to operate seven days a week, even though beer and wine can be sold in the state by licensed businesses any day of the week.

Take action TODAY to help us end the antiquated prohibition of retail liquor sales on Sundays and provide more choices for consumers and more jobs for Mississippians!