New Mexico Tax Threat

Take action NOW by respectfully asking your legislator to oppose legislation that would increase taxes on beverage alcohol! 

New Mexico wants to increase taxes on what!?

Now is not the time to tax the hospitality industry! Tell Governor Grisham NOT TO INCREASE TAXES on beverage alcohol!

The hospitality industry was devastated by COVID-19 and continues to face the harsh economic impacts. Now is not the time to put a new tax on this industry trying to rebound from the pandemic amid a host of new challenges, including inflation, staff shortages and supply chain issues.

The New Mexico Legislature should be seeking measures to accelerate the hospitality industry’s recovery from the pandemic, not burdening these businesses and consumers like you with more taxes.

Higher prices also lead to an estimated 12-million-dollar loss in sales.

And you’d feel this increase in your wallet too. If approved, when you purchase your favorite distilled spirits, beer and wine, you’ll be charged more on every bottle you buy.

The hospitality industry and loyal spirits consumers like you shouldn’t be punished with increased taxes.

Don’t wait. Send a letter to Governor Grisham TODAY.