New York Times Attacks Alcohol, Time to Push Back!

Vote NO to raising taxes on alcohol!

We need YOU to push back and VOTE NO to raising taxes on alcohol!

Have you seen the New York Times OPINION video toasting to raising alcohol taxes using data from 1911?!

We need you to push back and VOTE NO to raising taxes on alcohol!

Research shows alcohol abusers aren’t deterred by higher prices. Alcohol taxes are hospitality taxes and the struggling hospitality industry already pays more than its fair share.

A typical 750ml bottle of spirits costs $15.17. 53% ($8.11) of that goes to pay taxes or fees.

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What to add? Here are some points to consider:

  • Distilled spirits are already one of the highest taxed consumer products, with a whopping 53% of the price of a typical bottle of spirits going to taxes and fees.
  • Consumers pocketbooks are already pinched thanks to inflation and the high cost of food and beverages.
  • The NYT opinion piece relies on grossly outdated data: a study that was published in 2010 that included data from 1911!
  • The prevalence of underage and binge drinking has been on decline since 2010.
  • Raising taxes on the millions of American adults who drink in moderation, is neither a fair nor effective way to reduce harmful drinking. A recent Illinois study found the state’s alcohol tax hike resulted in consumers merely switching to cheaper products, not reducing overall alcohol consumption.
  • Restaurants & bars are still struggling to recover from the pandemic amid rising inflation and staff shortages. Now is the worst time to hit hospitality businesses with another tax.