Virginia Cocktails To-Go

Take action NOW by respectfully asking your legislator to support cocktails to-go!

Enjoy cocktails to-go?

They may disappear unless you

Tell your Virginia state legislators to support HB 688 and SB 635 that would allow Virginia’s bars, restaurants and distilleries to sell cocktails to-go permanently – increasing consumer convenience and supporting the hospitality industry.  

Permitting bars and restaurants to sell cocktails to-go has been an important lifeline for Virginia businesses as they continue to cope with the lasting challenges related to the pandemic, including staff shortages, supply chain disruptions and inflation.

But what’s also important is the shift in consumer habits that make cocktails to-go a vital part of a modern business plan.

Increased demand for consumer convenience is driving intensified calls for cocktails to-go, and we can’t let Virginia’s hospitality businesses get left behind by letting cocktails to-go expire!

Making consumer-friendly measures like cocktails to-go permanent, not only brings our marketplace into the 21st century, but it will help Virginia’s businesses as they get back on their feet.

That’s why we need YOU to TAKE ACTION NOW. Please ask your representatives to pass HB 688 and SB 635 to allow bars and restaurants to sell cocktails to-go to adult consumers permanently!